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I found it

I have, for some years now, been looking for the song Radio Beach. I saw Ultravox on their US tour in support of Systems Of Romance, and they did it at a few shows. One of those was the Grinnell show I was at. I did a search on the song, as I do occasionally, and found a bootleg collector that had a show that had the song. It's an OK song, somewhere between the full band stuff of the Systems record and the more electronic sound Metamatic.
The joyful day!

John Foxx and Louis Gordon live (sort of)

I picked up Live From A Room (As Big As A City) this week and it's brilliant.

It's very much of the Metamatic sound, only updated in a lot of ways. Listening to a killer version of Touch And Go (which I saw Ultravox do, I'm still trying to track a bootleg of that down, as well as an unreleased song called Radio Beach)

I will say though, this is worth the price, whatever it may be, for the complete rethink of My Sex. There is a version that is pretty much the same as the original and then a minute or so later a new version. If you do a search on You Tube you can hear a live version of it.

BIG recommendation though.
The joyful day!

Two of the three

I bought the new releases of HAHAHA and Systems Of Romance.

Run, don't walk, out to buy these now. The sound is vastly improved over the previous CD versions. And the absolutely insane version of Hiroshima Mon Amour (which I had never heard till this weekend somehow) is worth the price of both discs. I don't like it as much as the LP version, but it is definitely worth a listen
The joyful day!

Wow ... three songs I have never heard before

TV Orphans

I Came Back Here To Meet You

I Wont Play Your Game

All live Stevie Shears era Ultravox. I've never head these. They're a little rock and roll-y compared to even the first record, but cool stuff still. I have never seen John so animated onstage.

Now if I can just find Radio Beach
The joyful day!

Has anyone ever heard this

It's quiet in here ... let's see if anyone wakes up to this.

I saw Ultravox on their US tour in 78 (or was it 79?) with John Foxx. They did a song called Radio Beach. I have been looking for that song since then. I emailed his webmaster and he said that there are no official recordings, but there might be versions on live bootlegs.

Has anyone here ever heard that song?

I do have a couple boots from that tour ... maybe we can come to some sort of arrangement