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Life at Rainbow's End

I Want to be a Machine

I Want to be a Machine.
Ohio River Valley, USA
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From the plexiglas violin of Billy Currie, the quintissential bass line of Chris Cross to the angst filled vocal of John Foxx, I created this space to relinquish devotion to the classic Ultravox.

Formed in London in 1974, the group -- originally dubbed Ultravox! -- was led by vocalist and keyboardist John Foxx (born Dennis Leigh), whose interest in synths and cutting-edge technology began during his school years; with an initial line-up consisting of bassist Chris Cross, keyboardist/violinist Billy Currie, guitarist Steve Shears and drummer Warren Cann, their obvious affection for the glam rock sound of David Bowie and Roxy Music brought them little respect from audiences caught up in the growing fervor of punk, but in 1977 Island Records signed the quintet anyway, with Brian Eno agreeing to produce their self-titled debut LP.

Thanks to : http://www.vh1.com/artists/az/ultravox/bio.jhtml

Ha! Ha! Ha!
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